Result view

If you make a search and this produces no result you will re-directed back to the query mask.

If the search produces at least one result, a table with matching rows will be displayed.

The first row of the table is made by the titles followed by a selectbox which allows you to reorder the result list.

AZ reorder the list in ascending order from 0 to 9 and from A to Z.

ZA reorder the list in a descending order from Z to A and from 9 to 0.

Once you have changed the selectedbox values you have to click on search again to re-order the data.

On the bottom row the position of the result page on the searched datas will be displayed.

To edit, delete, link or unlink a card you have to check the checkbox at the begining of the matching row. To check or uncheck the whole rows, on javascript enabled browser, you can check/uncheck the checkbox at the begin of the table title row.

To edit a card check it and select edit, it is possible to edit only one card at a time so if you select more then one only the highest checked card will be prompted.

Take care when you click on delete as deleted cards are permanently removed from the system and it is not possible to undo.

Select new, not checking any row, to make a new card.

During a linking process the commands link and unlink will be available, select link to add the checked rows to the active module linked cards.

You can also change the power of the link from 1 (one) to any integer value and you have to select link to update this change.

To unlink a card you have always to select unlink, please note giving a 0 (zero) power does not mean that the link has been removed.